Initiatives That Empower
A venture studio approach to social impact

From food to music to sports, we’re currently exploring a range of cultural mediums to generate meaningful impact at the community level with a test and learn mindset.

Each initiative begins as a pilot, bolstered by a behavioural science methodology. We then determine the success of each initiative and consider how we can scale it through media and technology to maximise our reach and impact. Have a scroll to explore our latest projects. 

Signal Boost

Listen up, because we're about to get loud. We're passing the mic to some hugely talented young people - they're sharing songs, raps and spoken word poetry about the issues that matter to them most. And through creative workshops, leadership training, performances and more, we're making sure their voices get heard and stay heard.

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When it comes to sports, true fans all have something in common - a deep and undying love for their team. But is that where the commonalities end? Or can they come together beyond the stadium with increased empathy and respect for one another in spite of their differences? We're inviting Arizona Cardinals fans from different backgrounds and ideologies to share a pregame meal and find out!

Stay tuned to learn more about the outcome of this initiative.

Vote Early Day

We participated in the first-ever Vote Early Day, an MTV-led movement that provides grants for nonprofits who aid hyperlocal efforts that encourage Americans to vote early. We narrowed down grant-candidates to critical voting regions and awarded grants to three non-profit operations: Baltimore Votes, Georgia Youth Poll Worker Movement, and League of Women Voters - Miami Dade. All organizations focused on maximizing early turnout in battleground states.