Meet Cassandra Jovicic

Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Meet Cassandra Jovicic— Luma's new Global Head of Talent Acquisition. Cassandra is a Vancouver native and brings with her over 12 years of experience working for the technology and VFX industries. At Luma, Cassandra is actively working towards building our Vancouver team with top-notch talent and improving recruitment processes to help drive growth across Luma's three locations. We chatted with Cassandra to find out how she landed in the wild world of VFX, what she's up to at Luma, and what's in her Netflix queue.

Give us the 411. What’s your background and what led you to this career?

Well, once upon a time I wanted to be a Lawyer. I worked at a few law firms to get exposed to what it really would be like in that world, and clearly it didn’t stick. So, I ended up taking a role at a “film” company called Prime Focus wayyyyy back in the day as the Recruitment/HR assistant. It was there that I was able to get a bit of an understanding about VFX. In my interview, one of the producer's asked me “do you like movies?” and  I said “Yes, of course” he responded with “well, you won’t be able to look at them like you used to. You’re going to have a trained eye and know all the tricks that goes into making these pictures look as awesome as they do."

I had some artist friends tell me that I would make a good coordinator, so I went for an interview at MPC for a coordinator position and didn’t get it because I didn’t have enough experience. However, the Recruitment Manager called me and told me that although the coordinator position didn’t work out, that she was looking for a recruitment coordinator and she felt I would be a great fit for. Needless to say, I really believe this role and industry chose me, and I’m so so happy it did.

Can you tell us about your role at Luma and what you’re focusing on this year?

I am the Global Head of Talent Acquisition. I’m going to be focusing on a few things this year:

  • Helping start our Vancouver studio. I have a pretty good handle for Vancouver so I was thrilled to hear Luma had just launched in Van
  • Streamline some of our recruitment processes and efforts and putting things in place to make things a bit more efficient for the recruitment team
  • Creating lots of global leads for some key roles and finding the right people. We’re focusing on being more proactive in our efforts to continue growing our talented team. 
  • Helping to continue to evolve on our global culture when it comes to recruitment and attracting talent

What excites you most about the VFX world?

EVERYTHING! Honestly, I’ve tried to leave this world 2 times over the past 12 + years and it keeps drawing me back in. I love everything about it, but mostly the people. The creativity is insane and  the work that everyone contributes to is so inspirational. It's amazing to see how artists are able to create such beauty. It’s something that I hope everyone is so proud of and something that I LOVE saying I am a part of. Everything about this industry makes me smile.

The creativity is insane and the work that everyone contributes to is so inspirational.

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

Weekends are reserved for my daughter.  Funny enough, her name is “Luna”. She’s my world. She’s just over 2 years old, going on 13. Seeing the world through her eyes and seeing how fast she's growing and learning is so fun. We hang at the aquarium, zoo, parks, beaches, parks (of course) everything! 

What are the top three films/tv shows in your streaming queue?

The Sopranos, And Just Like That, Ozark

What’s your most used emoji? And what does it say about you? 

I’m a super affectionate person. I want to spread love to everyone I talk to. I’m really empathetic and just want people to know that I care about them, always. So, anytime we chat, it’s either the emoji sending a heart kiss or the hug emoji—those are always my go to :)