Luma Features Teams Up with 'Arrival's' Eric Heisserer for Ted Chiang's Story 'Division by Zero'


Luma Features is excited to announce that we have acquired the rights to Ted Chiang’s short story “Division By Zero,” to develop it into a feature-length film. Henry Dunham (The Standoff at Sparrow Creek) will adapt the original material and direct the film.  

This project reunites Chiang and Heisserer since 2016’s “Arrival,” with Heisserer having previously earned an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, based on Chiang’s short story “The Story of Your Life.” “Arrival” earned eight Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and won for Best Sound Editing.

“Division by Zero” was published with Chiang’s short story collection ”Stories of Your Life and Others” in 2002, but originally appeared in Full Spectrum 3 Magazine in 1991. In the story, a professor of mathematics discovers that 1=0, upending the universal foundation of math and ultimately, the foundation of her relationship with her husband. As they both learn to find new meaning in this enlightened world, they must begin to confront the deterioration of their love, while also helping end the worldwide catastrophic events that her new formula has created.

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