Our global team of artists & innovators apply their world class talents in the realm of character animation, FX, photoreal creatures, world building, and invisible effects.

As an award-winning creative studio, we offer best in class services on all imaginable types of visual effects for features, commercials, and new media. Our global teams share a proprietary pipeline of industry-leading tools and techniques that nurture groundbreaking and artistically exceptional work. 

Character Animation

Luma has brought some of the most memorable characters to life on the big screen—from iconic Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man and Black Panther, to creating the first look of Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Always achieving the behaviors of a character through emotion and nuance, we’ve developed tools and a unique approach that produces truly unforgettable on-screen performances.


Raphael A. Pimentel

Animation Director

Our animators are always pushing the boundaries of imagination to create unforgettable on-screen performances.


Our art department’s goal is to help filmmakers visualize some of the most unique creatures cinema has ever seen. Through concept art, extensive research in behaviour and anatomy, and deep collaboration, Luma’s artists have created remarkable and fantastical creatures for many of Hollywood’s biggest films including, Korg in Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-Man, Dormammu in Doctor Strange, and Molten Man in Spider-Man: Far From Home.


From magical particle systems to extensive destructions and photoreal weather simulations, Luma continually pushes the boundaries to deliver extraordinary FX. Our dev team work alongside artists to build custom tools and technology that help achieve complex and imaginative sequences.

Molten Man


Luma’s world-building spans the spectrum of imagination. Whether it’s assembling fantastical and completely digital worlds like the Dark Dimension in Doctor Strange, developing bioluminescent underwater kingdoms in Aquaman, or creating period reconstructions through matte paintings and set extensions for award-winning films like Jojo Rabbit and True Grit, our team collaborates with filmmakers at every stage of the process to bring their vision to life.


Invisible Effects

Luma’s invisible visual effects work has helped filmmakers enhance their storytelling and overcome the practical challenges of capturing impossible shots in-camera. From period reconstructions in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, to set extensions for Jojo Rabbit and A Serious Man, or face replacements in the Marvel universe, our team sweat the details and ensure the work that’s not supposed to be noticed is truly invisible.

Jojo Rabbit