From Oscar-winning films like True Grit and No Country for Old Men, to superhero tentpoles—we’ve had a blast creating stunning art for our clients.

Since 2002, we’ve worked on over 100 feature films and numerous commercials, helping our partners in all spheres of entertainment and technology solve complex and creative challenges. Spanning two continents, Luma Pictures continues to grow and evolve to build more beautiful and compelling visual art. Take a look at some of our significant milestones through the years—it’s been one heck of a ride.


2003 was a significant year for Luma Pictures. It was the year we landed our first big client on a major feature film—Underworld. Our team delivered hyper-realistic creature designs, and we went on to work on every film in the popular series.

Payam Shohadai


Underworld effectively became our launch pad.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Three years later, in 2006, we got the call from Walt Disney Pictures to collaborate on the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean series on the third film in the instalment—At World’s End. Since then, we've teamed up with Disney on a number of their awe-inspiring features, including Oz the Great and Powerful, Saving Mr. Banks, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, and Mary Poppins Returns.

Coen Brothers

It’s no secret that the Coen Brothers make masterpieces. So, we were pretty excited when we got the call back in 2007 to collaborate with the accomplished filmmakers on No Country for Old Men. Since then, we’ve helped the Academy Award-winning duo enhance their storytelling with invisible effects on their most celebrated films including True Grit, A Serious Man, and others. Our work on these films subtly contributes to the unflinching vision of the Coen Brothers always at the top of their game. 

Marvel Cinematic Universe

For over a decade, we’ve teamed up with Marvel Studios to bring their mightiest and most loveable superheroes to the big screen. It all began in 2011 with Thor: our team created the Destroyer character and a ton of destruction and fire fx. Since then, we’ve been on a wild ride through the Marvel Cinematic Universe creating visual spectacles and memorable characters for global audiences. From creating the first look of Josh Brolin as Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy to building entire ecosystems and multidimensional worlds for Doctor Strange to animating Hulk, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and Black Panther—our team has done it all. We’re proud of our contributions to the MCU, and we’re thrilled to continue on the magical journey for the next decade to come.